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Six facts about Sixpoint Brewery

Since adding two of its beers to our range in 2014, Sixpoint has gone on to become a firm favourite at Wetherspoon. Here are six facts about Sixpoint Brewery.

Sixpoint Brewery is the humble, yet mighty, craft beer brewery based in Red Hook, Brooklyn, USA. Since adding two of its unique beers to our range in 2014, the brand has gone on to become a firm favourite across many of our UK pubs, as well as a cornerstone of the craft community.

You might have already tried a Sixpoint brew for yourself, at your local Wetherspoon, each one strikingly designed and labelled according to taste.

Read on for six facts about Sixpoint Brewery.

1. ‘Sixpoint’ – not just a name

The name ‘Sixpoint’ and the company’s logo go way back to the 1300s, when brewers adorned their barrels and kegs with a six-pointed star. The star later became the official symbol of the Brewers’ Guild, one of the first trade guilds of Europe, and folklore claimed that the six points represented each of the six critical elements in brewing: grain; water; hops; yeast, malt; brewer.

The Sixpoint star is a merge of the traditional Brewers’ Guild star with the nautical star – symbolising the history of the craft, while also making room for new innovation and progress.

2. Serves people; helps animals

Each year, Sixpoint hosts a special ‘Beer for Beasts’ beer festival, at which a variety of unique one-off beers is served, as well as showcasing local talent and enlisting the aid of New York City’s various food trucks. All proceeds made go to the Humane Society of New York to help shelter animals – a cause close to the Sixpoint founders’ hearts.

3. Débuted the Beer Finder app in 2013

In July 2013, Sixpoint débuted its own Beer Finder app, designed to help customers to find their favourite Sixpoint beer – on the go. By simply entering their neighbourhood or zip code, users can instantly get a glimpse of shops and watering holes in their local area selling Sixpoint, including even special, rare and seasonal brews like the Hi-Res or the Jammer.

Try the Beer Finder app for yourself to find a Sixpoint brew near you.

4. Achieved a 99 rating in Craft Beer & Brewer magazine

Anybody familiar with the folks at Craft Beer & Brewing will know that they’re a tough crowd to please, yet Sixpoint was able to grab an impressive 99 rating from the magazine for Resin – a citrus-laced, sweet-tasting brew from their collection.

The panel gave the beverage a pleasing review, with a rating of 20 for flavour.

They described it as ‘sweet, over-ripe orange and orange peel; with a honey sweetness that plays nicely with the hops. That first sip will have you wanting a second one’.

5. Started out supplying kegs to local bars

For a long time before it canned its own beer, Sixpoint was actually a supplier of draught beer, in over 200 styles, to local bars and restaurants. They finally made the transition to canned beer in 2011, with founder Shane Welch claiming that cans ‘keep fresher than bottles, block out light and have no air space on top’, as well as being lighter to ship.

In 2014, Sixpoint followed this with a series of signature sleek cans for their flagship beers, available in smaller 12oz can multipacks, as well as the 16oz ‘tallboys’ – Sweet Action and The Crisp.

6. Lets customers know exactly what to expect

Sixpoint is one of the only breweries to display ABV, IBU and SRM readings on its cans. This indicates various elements of the beer, such as strength, bitterness and colour – not to mention any extra exotic ingredients added.

As a result, customers can get a good idea of which beer to go for and what to expect from each one.

Take a look at our range of craft beers and try Sixpoint for yourself at your local Wetherspoon.