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Curry Club: Something new? Vindaloo!

Every Thursday morning, members of our kitchen staff are up bright and early to start preparing for the average 80,000 curries we’ll expect to serve that evening.

• New menu item

Our food-development team members are always looking for ways in which we can improve our offers and the quality of our dishes.

For the last nine months, they’ve been working with our kitchen managers, suppliers and customers to bring you thicker sauces, increased meat content and hand-stretched naan breads.

We’ve also introduced a new rating system for our curries – ranging from one chilli to five – making it easier to choose the curry to best suit your palate.


If your palate prefers curries at the hotter end of the spectrum, why not try the slow, slightly sour, building heat of our brand-new vindaloo?

The vindaloo contains seared, marinated chicken in a hot and spicy sauce, with onion and chilli slices.

Why not pair it with one of our new side dishes?

You can now upgrade to a garlic & coriander naan, while our Bombay potatoes are served in an authentic tomato & onion sauce, tempered with cumin and mustard seeds.


We’ve also improved several of our existing curries and side dishes.

Our chicken korma and lamb rogan josh have both benefited from improvements to their sauce, while we have added mustard seeds and a hint of coconut to the beef Madras, as well as a larger beef dice, for a more authentic dish.

The chicken tikka masala, a popular favourite and available all week on our food menu, now contains 5% more chicken – which is a seared and marinated breast dice, in a rich, creamy tomato sauce.

The chicken jalfrezi has also had a 5% increase in meat content and is now more in line with stir-fry-style curry, with more chunks of red and yellow pepper. We’ve also lowered the heat to three chillies, to increase the range for those who don’t like too much heat.

Our bhajis, made with fresh onion and flavoured with a garam masala blend of spices, have an improved texture, while our samosas are now more authentic in both texture and taste.

Our samosas’ Indian shortcrust pastry is crisp in texture and filled with potatoes, a garam masala blend of spices and peas, tempered with fennel seed and cumin seed.


So, whether you’re new to Curry Club or it is an old favourite, why not join us this Thursday and try our new menu?