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The five best Wetherspoon dishes to eat during EURO 2016

The EURO 2016 matches are well under way; if you’ve discovered your local pub using our pub-finder and are heading to a Wetherspoon, here are the dishes we think are best suited.

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 1. Classic beer and burger

You can’t go wrong with a classic burger. If you’re engrossed in the game, you can eat it on autopilot – and you can add toppings or sauces to make it your own. 

Our 100-per-cent British beef burger is served with chips and includes a drink from our club range.

We also have a brand-new fried buttermilk chicken burger, served with chips. Using buttermilk in recipes, particularly chicken, is becoming more and more prevalent here in the UK, especially across some smaller, independent chicken restaurants.


2. Buffalo wings – 30 wings for £10*

Our small-plates deal means that you can get 30 spicy chicken wings for just £10* – perfect if you’re a large group feeling a little peckish at half time. Served with blue cheese sauce and hot sauce, we promise that they’ll go down a treat!


3. Triple chicken feast

You can always have a little bit of everything with our triple chicken feast.

Chicken breast, spicy chicken wings, southern-fried chicken strips, BBQ sauce, honey glaze, made with Jack Daniel’s® Tennessee Honey, coleslaw and chips. If you have three matches to watch in one day, a chicken feast for lunch will fill you up nicely for the games ahead!


4. Classic hot dog – includes a drink

It’s more of an American tradition, but a classic hot dog is another easy-to-manoeuvre meal, if you’re glued to the screen. It also comes with a drink from our club range and you can load it with onion rings, chilli con care and cheese, if you opt or our chilli dog.


5. Nachos and small plates

Grab a portion of nachos as part of our 3-for-£10* small-plates deal or a sharer for the middle of the table.

Large nachos can be topped with our BBQ pulled pork, chilli con carne or five-bean chilli, if you want to make a meal of it.


Other 3-for-£10 dishes which you can mix and match with our nachos include our topped chips, small nachos (half-size portion of our sharer dish), spicy coated king prawns, southern-fried chicken strips, Buffalo wings (10 spicy chicken wings, hot sauce and blue cheese dip), grilled halloumi, tandoori chicken bites and our soup of the day. There’re plenty of combinations of sports snacks available!


What’s your favourite match-day meal? Tweet us @JDWTweet


We have the food covered – so you can concentrate on the matches!

To find out more about our dishes and deals, click here – or click here to find your local Wetherspoon.


*Price and participation may vary per pub.