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Can you beat Lenny the Lion? It's the spot the difference that’s defeated a nation!

It seems that not only are people talking about our Children’s Menu for its variety of nutritious dishes – our Spot the Difference puzzle has the nation in knots.

• New menu item

Our kid’s menu is aimed at children up to ten years old, and many enjoy the puzzles and games on the menu.

So when it seemed that they could only find four of the five differences on Lenny, they were quick to point out our mistake.

But did we make one?

The puzzle that has the nation in turmoil

Our Customer Services Team have had letters and emails, and the social media team have seen an influx of tweets: there are only four differences on Lenny the Lion.


An anonymous member of the catering team has said that the games are not meant to be easy, but can hands-down say that there are five differences on Lenny, as the puzzle states.

Can you find them all?

The Answer

It’s a given that customers spot four of Lenny’s anomalies: the missing tail tip, the zebra leg, missing whiskers and only two tufts of hair not three. So what’s the fifth?

One irate customer has given up

We’re not going to tell you what it is, but we promise it’s there…

Where is Lenny now?

We can sadly confirm that Lenny the Lion has handed in his resignation to J D Wetherspoon and will not appear on the next Children’s Menu when it launches this autumn.

We wish Lenny all the best in his future endeavours. He hopes to live out his remaining lion-years away from the spotlight.

Did you spot all five differences or were you caught out? Tweet us @JDWTweet with your reaction to Lenny’s resignation!