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Top Five Spoon's Carpets

A new book released today discusses and appreciates our carpets.

• Pubs and hotels

Thanks to writer and broadcaster Kit Caless and his band of Wetherspoon carpet-spotters across the UK, Wetherspoon’s carpets became such a social-media talking-point that Kit was approached to write a book on the subject.

The book is entitled Spoon’s Carpets and features photographs and descriptions of over 75 carpets from Wetherspoon’s pubs across the UK. It may be purchased by clicking here

Kit said about the book: “I am deadly serious when I say that I think that some of these carpets are genuine works of art.

“A cross-section of UK society visits Wetherspoon’s pubs – and it is rare for a company to spend so much money on design and artwork in working-class or normal spaces. I think that this should be celebrated.

“There’s a certain collectability about Wetherspoon’s pubs. Some people try to visit every one, while others will try to drink every different beer. I think that trying to capture all of its carpets in one place taps into that.”

Kit put together a special top-five group for the readers of Wetherspoon News – but you’ll need to buy the book for his real top ten!

1. The Golden Lion, Rochester

“This carpet proves that there is life on other planets. The interlocking hexagon pattern is so mathematically intelligent that it must have been designed by an alien – or someone from the Medway.”

2. The Bishops’ Mill, Durham

“Stare at it like you would your Magic Eye posters. Lose focus. Become the carpet. Then, answer this question: What in the world are those worm-shaped things all about?”

3. The Winter Gardens, Harrogate

The Winter Gardens is the poshest Spoon in the UK. There are no stains on this rug, proving that rich people only ever spill drinks at home, when no one is watching.

4. The Sir Henry Newbolt, Bilston

Happy Eater died and Wetherspoon lives. This is the carpet of crushed dreams. Distorted Happy Eater faces – never to be seen at the side of the motorway again.

5. The Olympia, Tredegar

Honestly, what on earth is going on here? It’s as mad as a box of badgers. I love it. So many strokes and shapes that you can look at it for ages.

Love our carpets? Get your copy today!