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Five craft drinks to enjoy this Guy Fawkes Night

Whether you’re headed to a bonfire or watching fireworks from your home lounge, these five craft beers and ciders are perfect to enjoy on Guy Fawkes Night.

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Guy Fawkes Night may not be as big a deal as Halloween or Christmas, but it is, indeed, the highlight of November.

Whether you’re headed to your favourite bonfire display or plan on watching fireworks from the comfort of your living room, we feel that no fifth of November would be complete without one of these Wetherspoon craft beers.

They’re available at your local pub – we also offer a take-away service, if you want to take a can to a home fireworks display.


Brooklyn Lager

Style: Amber lager
Origin: Brooklyn, USA
ABV: 5.2% 355ml
Appearance: Light amber

This is a lager, but with attitude. More robust than your usual lager, it offers a medium-bodied, dry-hopped taste, with tones of sweet, malty caramel and hints of apricot and orange peel.

Some fans have even described it as having an ‘ale-like’ consistency, suggesting it’s more than capable of competing with the big boys. Go ahead – try a sip. That’ll keep your cockles warm.


Flying Dog Snake IPA

Style: India Pale Ale (IPA)
Origin: Frederick, USA
ABV: 7.1% 355ml
Appearance: Copper

This Guy Fawkes Night, try the newest addition to our range – the Flying Dog Snake IPA. A beautiful deep copper beer, encased in a loud, expressive can, this is a drink that’s perfect for the electric atmosphere surrounding Bonfire Night.

Admire Ralph Steadman’s hypnotic, punk-esque artwork which envelops the can. Maryland-based craft brewer Flying Dog Brewery also gives an elusive back-story to the beer’s origins, making us intrigued to delve into the Snake experience. And for those who are curious – that taste is citrusy and grapefuity, with caramel hop notes.


Angry Orchard Cider

Style: Apple Cider
Origin: Cincinnati, USA
ABV: 5.0% 500ml
Appearance: Amber

Let’s face it, autumn is nothing without apples. Whether growing on trees or being thrown into our favourite crumble, this season brings out the best in the fruit.

So, it’s certainly no surprise, then, that the Angry Orchard cider should make it to this list. This age-old blend is a gluten-free combination of bittersweet apples from France and apples from Italy, giving it that classically rich, slightly tangy taste.

The apples are then fermented with white wine yeast and aged in wood, affording the cider its subtle hints of vanilla and various spices.


Uprising Treason West Coast

Style: India Pale Ale (IPA)
Origin: Berkshire, UK
ABV: 5.8% 330ml
Appearance: Dark amber

With a reputation for being a little more ‘hoppy’ than most beer-drinkers are used to, Treason West Coast is probably not to be downed quickly. Despite its rich depth, it’s still light enough to be enjoyed as a lager, while the wonderful drift of spicy bitterness, with every sip, makes it perfect for the chill of autumn.

This is rich deep amber in colour – and has been said to go well with meat dishes.


BrewDog Punk IPA

Style: India Pale Ale (IPA)
Origin: Ellon, Scotland
ABV: 5.6% 330ml
Appearance: Light amber

Toffee is a Guy Fawkes Night tradition. Cinder toffee; treacle toffee; toffee apples…, you can enjoy that rich toffee taste with BrewDog Punk IPA, one of the firm favourites among our craft range. A pleasantly light amber colour, it boasts fruity tropical notes and toffee undertones, with a sharp, bitter finish. Wherever you are spending yours, this beer will remind you of that classic bonfire, with every sip.