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CLIC Sargent Wig Wednesday 2017

Wig Wednesday is almost here! On 24 May, our staff will be proudly donning some fabulous wigs, in support of this fantastic charity!

• Charity

Time to dust off your wig and get involved in CLIC Sargent’s biggest fundraiser of the year!


Our pubs pride themselves on working with the community to raise money for CLIC Sargent – and Wig Wednesday is no exception. 

The Coinage Hall, Helston

Our staff have sat in bean baths and walked on hot coals in the course of the £13 million we’ve raised for our chosen charity, CLIC Sargent, but there’s no need for our customers to go to such extremes… you can raise vital funds for children and young people with cancer – simply by wearing a wig!


Don’t forget to capture all of those wig-wearing moments on camera!

If you do join us in the pub to fundraise for CLIC Sargent, tweet us using the hashtag #WigWednesday and tag @JDWTweet and @CLIC_Sargent!

The money you raise

Don’t forget to donate money in your local pub’s collection tins for taking part. Here are some of the ways in which the money you raise through Wig Wednesday helps CLIC Sargent to make a real lasting difference:

  • £4 could pay for a CLIC Sargent storybook which explains childhood cancer to children in simple, easy-to-understand language
  • £15 could pay for a copy of CLIC Sargent’s DVD to help bereaved families to understand and cope with their grief
  • £46 could pay for a CLIC Sargent social worker to be there soon after diagnosis, giving a family one-to-one support
  • £170 could pay for a CLIC Sargent grant to help to stop cancer costs spiralling
  • £330 could pay for a family to stay 10 nights at a CLIC Sargent Home from Home, providing free accommodation close to where that family’s child is receiving cancer treatment
  • £570 could pay for a CLIC Sargent play specialist for a week to help a child to prepare and cope with treatment
  • £1,050 could pay for a CLIC Sargent nurse for a week, providing care and support at home, so that families can avoid travel and stay together, where possible

For more information on how Wig Wednesday supports CLIC Sargent, visit here.