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Your pint can help the community

Carling has launched a nationwide campaign, in partnership with Wetherspoon, to improve local communities and make a difference

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In May 2017, Carling launched a nationwide campaign, in partnership with Wetherspoon, to improve local communities and make a difference.

Wetherspoon has teamed up with the UK’s No.1 lager* to give something back to you and the area around your home and your local. It’s all about putting your pub at the heart of your community and partnering to fund local projects which will mean something to you.

Like the sound of helping your community from the pub? Well, with Carling and Wetherspoon, your pint can do something incredible…


We are a nation with a proud, long-standing tradition of being generous in support of good causes. For every barrel of Carling sold in Wetherspoon (during May to July), Carling will help to fund and support local community projects – continuing our nation’s proud history of support. You can help us to decide what this money should be spent on, by nominating community projects close to your heart.

For example, Carling can fund a new footy pitch, mend that broken wall or paint the village hall. As long as it will have a lasting and genuine benefit to the community, the list is endless**, and it’s up to you to nominate the project you want Carling to support.

Carling will be out making these projects happen throughout June to October, in partnership with Project Dirt – the UK’s most active network, connecting and resourcing community projects across the UK.

Project Dirt recognises that communities can change the world and has worked with companies, such as Timberland, Unilever and Greggs, to support local community initiatives. Project Dirt will be supporting Carling and Wetherspoon in helping to deliver some of your nominations this year.


So, how can you nominate? The answer – it’s easy! Hopefully, you’re reading this article from your local Wetherspoon, so your first step would be to buy a refreshing pint of Carling to enjoy while you read on… (while at the bar, the staff should be able to tell you a little bit more about how to get involved).***

Second step – visit and follow the simple steps to nominate your local community project. You’ll also be able to view other people’s nominations while there. Don’t forget to share your nomination on social media using #yourpintcan and encourage your mates to get involved!


From June onwards, a panel of Carling, Wetherspoon and Project Dirt team members will have been carefully selecting a number of projects and then getting out into your community to really make a difference.

We’ll document all of the great projects which we support, with a shout-out to you for helping to make it all possible… see the next edition of Wetherspoon News for an update on some of the first developments.

So, if there’s an ugly patch of wasteland which you always pass on your way to work or your cricket club’s scoreboard has seen better days – buy a pint of Carling in Wetherspoon, get online and nominate a project which means something to you, between May and July this year, and you could help to change your area for the better.

Because great things start with a sip. To find out more:

*CGA On Premise Measurement Data MAT to 2016 P11-05/11/2016

**Just remember that, unfortunately, being an alcohol brand, Carling cannot support projects which are directly or solely benefiting children.

***Over-18s, Great Britain only. Nomination period: from 1200hrs on 22/5/17 until 2359h on 31/7/17. Purchase a pint of Carling from a participating Wetherspoon pub and submit your nomination at – nominations must follow the ‘Nomination Guidelines’. One nomination per person, per day. For every barrel of Carling sold in Wetherspoon during May–July 2017, Carling will help to fund selected community projects. Full T&Cs apply – see for details, ‘Nomination Guidelines’ and pub-finder. Please drink responsibly.