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Wetherspoon Press Release - Friday, 11 December

• Press release

Click here to read Wetherspoon News - Do Lockdowns Work?

Pub company Wetherspoon says that the results of  Sweden’s COVID-19 policies have  been widely misunderstood.

Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin said: “Whatever way you look at the numbers, Sweden’s no-lockdown strategy is working better than the UK’s approach.
“ According to the respected Worldometer website, Sweden  had 1,330 Covid-19 fatalities  from 1 November to 9 December, 2020. 
“The UK  had 16,011 fatalities during the same period. Adjusting for population, the Swedish fatality rate is just over  half that of the UK during this period (see appendix 1).
“In the last week of the period, to 9 December, the average fatality rate per day  was 19 for Sweden and 410 for the UK. Adjusting for population, the Swedish fatality rate was less than a third of the UK’s (appendix 1).
“Although Sweden has had a better outcome, a Daily Mail headline (7 December) said that a “Lockdown finally looms for Sweden....”. The Swedish Prime Minister has specifically said that this is not true.
“The Daily Mail article also said that “Sweden’s overall death rate is no worse than in other major countries of Western Europe, such as Britain and France.”
“This is misleading, since the Swedish outcome is evidently far better than Britain’s.
“Also, the  news agency Reuters  inaccurately reported (2 December) that “ Sweden registered 174 deaths” that day. 
“In contrast, Worldometer records only 33 deaths for that day (highlighted in red appendix 1). 
"The  misleading Reuters' statistics were nonetheless reported as if they were true  by both The Daily Telegraph and the Times, among other publications.
"In fact, Sweden's annual  all-cause mortality rate in 2020 is in line with the last five years, adjusted for population growth- although the 2019 mortality rate, as has been widely reported, was unusually low (appendix 2).
"The Swedish outcome is not surprising, since medical studies have long established that lockdowns don't work. 
“As Dr David Nabarro, of the World Health Organisation, recently said, "We appeal to all world leaders to stop using lockdowns as your primary method of control" as they "have just one consequence that you must never belittle and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer."
"The government and SAGE have tried to marginalise Sweden, because it makes their ruinously expensive lockdown policies look absurd. 

“Indeed, over 600,000 jobs have already been lost in the hospitality sector alone - with many more set to be lost in the coming months.

“It is not clear is why so many media organisations appear to support the government, by misreporting Sweden's position.”

Click here to read the appendices.