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Spirits in the material world

When it comes to shorts, our customers are never short of choice – with new vodkas, rums, liqueurs, shots and a gin added to line-up

• Drinks

In the full spirit of Wetherspoon tradition, we have added a selection of NEW spirits to our ever-growing drinks menu. Whatever your tipple, we have something for everyone.

With two NEW vodkas, two NEW rums and four NEW liqueurs and shots, as well as a NEW gin on the block, customers will be spoiled
for choice.

NEW in the vodka line-up are Au Vodka (blue raspberry) and Smirnoff Mango & Passionfruit Twist vodka.

Au Vodka (blue raspberry) (35.2% ABV) combines Au’s multiawardwinning vodka with fresh raspberry, creating a sweet, fruity, unique
blue vodka. Au Vodka, in its signature gold bottle (‘Au’ being the chemical element symbol for gold in the periodic table), was founded in 2016 by close friends Charlie Morgan and Jackson Quinn, in their home city of Swansea.

Inspired by gold, Au Vodka combines British heritage and luxury ingredients. An ultra-premium British vodka, it is five times distilled and gold filtered for a pure, authentic taste.

Smirnoff Mango & Passionfruit Twist flavoured vodka (37.5% ABV) is bold, tropical and deliciously juicy.

It is made with unmistakably smooth Smirnoff No. 21 Premium Vodka, triple-distilled from a blend of the finest grains and filtered 10 times.
Infused with naturally sweet mango and fruity passion fruit flavours, for a tart and fruity finish, this pairs well with lemonade or pineapple and cranberry juice.

Manquila (15% ABV) is the latest creation from Manchester-based craft distillery Zymurgorium (makers of Realm of the Unicorn and Sweet Violet gin-based liqueurs) to be served at Wetherspoon.

Zymurgorium (an amalgamation of ‘zymurgy’, meaning the study of scientific brewing, and ‘emporium’) was first set up by Aaron Darke in 2013, in his mum and dad’s garden shed. With new premises and joined by his brother Callum, the pair started to create novel and never-seen-before spirits.

Manquila, the new ‘Queen of the Night’, has come swinging into your local from Manchester’s notorious flavour wizards. Zymurgorium’s wild strawberry cream liqueur is blended with some of the finest agave spirit from Jalisco (Mexico) to produce a fiesta for your taste buds – available as a shot or over ice.

We have added two NEW choices to Wetherspoon’s rum shack collection, with Duppy White Jamaican rum (40% ABV) and Twin Fin coconut & lychee rum (38% ABV).
Duppy White is a vibrant celebration of Jamaica and its influence on the world. Produced and co-founded with musical pioneer and British rapper Kano (from East Ham, London), this is a rum five years in the making, with flavours of mango, pimento and fresh thyme – a 100-per-cent Jamaican flavour.

Born from the memories, smells and flavours which reflect Kano’s Jamaican roots, it also celebrates the profound impact of Jamaican culture on London and the world, including food, fashion and music. With an unmistakable, yet subtle, note of Jamaican pot still rum, it has a rich caramel sweetness and full texture, with hints of fresh-cut sugarcane grass, mango and a subtle peppery heat.

Twin Fin coconut & lychee rum is bold and bright, with notes of fresh lychee and vibrant coconut and an aromatic taste of coconut sorbet, wild strawberry and melon, together with a crisp and tart lychee finish. Inspired by the coasts of Cornwall and the Caribbean, Twin Fin is created by Southwestern Distillery, near Padstow.

To craft Twin Fin, self-taught master distiller Tarquin Leadbetter (of Tarquin’s Gin) has combined his experience of distilling botanicals with his love of experimentation and innovation. The finest Caribbean rums are carefully selected from distilleries across the Caribbean, then blended together with fruits and spices from around the world, in the north Cornwall coast distillery, established in 2012, to produce rich, tropical and refreshing Twin Fin rums.

Wetherspoon’s gin palace also has a new bedfellow… or should that be bathfellow?

NEW to the range is the award-winning Bathtub Gin (43.3% ABV) from Kent-based Ableforth’s, founded in 2011 and inspired by the home-concocted ‘bathtub gins’ of the 1920s. Double infused for extra flavour, it combines delicious botanicals, such as juniper, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and orange peel and is crafted using a traditional cold-compounding technique. It is served with your choice of tonic or mixer and an orange slice. Discover the NEW spirits on our drinks menu now being served.