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Christmas at Wetherspoon

Christmas is coming – so give yourself a present

• Events

The ever-popular Wetherspoon Christmas menu makes a welcome return, with some firm festive favourites and some new additions for pub-goers to enjoy. 

Running through to Christmas Eve, a great range of festive meals and Deli Deals® is being offered at your local Wetherspoon – all including a soft or alcoholic drinkø.

We are also serving some seasonal small plates, as part of the ‘any 3 for’ deal, along with a children’s meal (including a children’s drink and fruitø), as well as a festive dessert and treat.


This year, we are offering a traditional Christmas meal, featuring turkey breast slices, a pork, apricot & cranberry stuffing, roasted Chantenay carrots and parsnips, Maris Piper mash, two pigs-in-blankets, peas, cranberry sauce and gravy.


For that ultimate indulgent cheese fest, made with three cheeses, choose the big cheese burger. 

You can opt for the breaded vegetable patty, Beyond Meat® plant-based patty, 6oz beef patty, fried buttermilk chicken or grilled chicken breast – served with two slices of creamy Brie cheese, slightly melted on top of the burger, finished with two halloumi fries, with blue cheese dip on the side, together with chips.

O Christmas cheese, O Christmas cheese… this is the cheesiest burger we have ever offered. 

We also have a Brie & bacon burger, a chicken & stuffing burger and a buttermilk chicken & stuffing burger – all available as a festive meal deal which includes a soft or alcoholic drinkø.


This year sees the return of the 11" Brie & garlic mushroom pizza, made with sliced mushrooms, garlic, Brie cheese and rocket. A classic combo of garlic and mushroom, together with creamy Brie cheese slices, this festive pizza is available also as an 8" small-plate version, along with the chicken, stuffing, bacon & Brie pizza. 

Christmas isn’t Christmas without pigs-in-blankets – and 2022 is no exception. Enjoy a portion of seven pork chipolata sausages wrapped in streaky bacon, served with cranberry sauce, as part of the small plates ‘any 3 for’ deal, which can be mixed and matched with all of the small-plate choices – for the perfect festive sharing occasion.


This year’s children’s meal of pigs-in-blankets is part of Wetherspoon’s children’s menu’s ‘bigger appetites’ range, which includes your choice of vegetable portion and one potato type, as well as a children’s drink and fruitø choice. See children’s menu for full details.

Deli Deals®

Choose the chicken, stuffing, bacon & cranberry panini or the Brie & cranberry panini (you can add maple-cured bacon to this option). You can also add chips, salad or tomato & basil soup to your choice – and the price includes a soft or alcoholic drinkø

This year, we have introduced the perfect treat – a salted caramel sticky toffee pudding, served with either ice cream or custard.

Prices vary per pub. øSee menu for information about drinks and fruit choices.

We will also have a range of festive guest ales available. Download the tasting notes here.