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Wetherspoon beer festival – Wednesday 6 March to Sunday 17 March 2024

• Events

Wetherspoon beer festival

During the 12-day beer festival, a range of 30 real ales, including five from overseas brewers, will be available.

Pubs will host the festival from Wednesday 6 March to Sunday 17 March, inclusive.

The five overseas brewers are from Belgium, Germany, Italy, Taiwan and the USA.

Among the festival collection are vegan beers (suitable for vegetarians).

As well as featuring a selection of malt and hop varieties from around the world, there are also beers which, among their ingredients, include chocolate and vanilla pods.

The festival line-up includes Spring Frenzy (Daleside Brewery), Grizzly Bear IPA (Shepherd Neame), Disco Macaw (Redpoint Brewing, Taiwan), Crafty Fox (Hook Norton Brewery), Bite the Bullet! (Oakham Ales), Bingo Lady (The Lost Abbey Brewing Company, USA), Chocolate Ale (Leikeim Brewery, Germany), Parts and Labour (Rooster’s Brewery), Germain (Brouwerij De Bock, Belgium), Roasted Nuts (Rebellion Brewery) and Falstaff (Birrificio Gregorio, Italy).

Marketing manager Jen Swindells said: “The festival is a great celebration of real ale.

“It will allow us, during a 12-day period, to showcase a selection of value-for-money beers, including those from overseas.

“It will also give our customers the opportunity to enjoy several beers which have not previously been available in the pubs, as well as those brewed especially for the festival.”

Three third-of-a-pint tasters will also be available for the price of a pint.

Tasting notes on all of the beers will be available in the pub as part of the festival magazine (a digital version will be available on the Wetherspoon app and website).

Download the festival news here

Download a single page version for mobile phones here