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Feedback and General Enquiries

How can I contact you?

Contact details for individual pubs and hotels can be found on their web page. To search for a specific pub and its contact details, click here.

Alternatively, you can also contact our customer services team directly by clicking here.

Are your pubs listed on TripAdvisor? 

All of our pubs/hotels welcome your feedback. Please let us know, via TripAdvisor, about your experience in any of our pubs or hotels. 

Are you on social media?

On 16 April 2018, the company closed all social media profiles, including those for individual pubs.

Since that date, any profiles promoted on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are not endorsed or maintained by the company.

Can I become a mystery shopper for you?

If you are interested in becoming a mystery shopper, visiting our pubs and providing valuable feedback on your experience, please contact Market Force: 01908 328000

How can I suggest a location for a new pub?

If you have seen a property which you consider would be suitable as a Wetherspoon pub, please click here to let us know about it. 

How can I become one of your suppliers?

If you would like to offer your services to us, please click here to introduce yourself. 

Can I have more information about the company?

Information about J D Wetherspoon can be found by visiting our ‘About Us’ and ‘Investors’ pages.

Unfortunately, because of the high volume of requests, we regret that we are unable to answer individual questions or complete questionnaires.

What do I do if I’ve had an accident in one of your pubs/hotels, resulting in an injury?

Please inform the duty manager, as soon as possible, at the venue where the incident occurred. Alternatively, please e-mail:

How can I submit a public liability claim?

Please submit your CNF via the portal to our claims handler: 
Willis | portal ID number D00072 | policy number CNA/CA0003396