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Mad Giant

International brewer autumn real-ale festival 2022

The beer

Mad Giant is brewing a celebration of the season – a balanced brew, showcasing local hops and malts. So, why not sit back and soak in everything beautiful about autumn?

The brewery uses a range of malts, toasted at varying temperatures, to create layers of subtle complexity and depth. A generous addition of new-world UK hops lifts the aroma and brings balance to a very enjoyable brew.

Mad Giant Autumn Amber

Mad Giant, Johannesburg, South Africa. Est. 2014

4.3% ABV

Eben Uys has travelled to Hook Norton Brewery (Oxfordshire) to brew this amber ale. This reinterpretation of Mad Giant’s seasonal beer delivers generous citrus and fruity hop notes, balanced by solid biscuit malt notes, resulting in a crisp, full-flavoured character.

Hops: Endeavour, Jester, Olicana, UK Chinook

The brewery
Mad Giant’s mission is to brew beer which smacks a smile on every customer’s face, while striving to reduce emissions to zero. Known for finding creative solutions to reduce packaging waste, Mad Giant boasts a near-zero plastic output for its beers, with most of them in returnable packaging. During the late 1800s, miners rushed to Johannesburg in search of gold and fortune.

In 2015, Mad Giant secured investment to construct its brewery in the heart of the oldest part of Johannesburg.

In 2018, the brewery was awarded the ‘best beer in Africa’ award, from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling, for its American pale ale called Killer Hop.

Today, the brewers create and supply liquid gold to Johannesburg and its surrounding suburbs.

Meet the brewer

Eben Uys co-founded Mad Giant in 2014. A PhD chemical engineer who, while completing his degree at the University of Stellenbosch, fell in love with brewing, Eben said: “It is the ultimate challenge to harness what nature provides in a skilful and exploring way.”

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