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Pepsi Max Cherry

Max cherry is fourth variety of Pepsi to be made available on draught

Wetherspoon now offers a selection of Pepsi drinks, adding a fourth option of NEW Pepsi Max cherry on draught to our range.

Pepsi Max cherry, a new addition to our soft drink options, provides the great Pepsi Max taste with a refreshing cherry twist.

With maximum taste and no sugar, it is just two Calories per 398ml glass serving.

The new Pepsi Max cherry choice joins Pepsi Max, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi in our soft drinks line-up, all available on draught to quench that summer thirst.

Pepsi, originally known as ‘Brad’s Drink’, was first created in 1893 in the US by pharmacist Caleb D Bradham.

On a typically hot and humid North Carolina day, he began experimenting with combinations of spices, juice and syrups, wanting to offer a refreshing beverage to his shop customers.

The original recipe also included sugar and vanilla, as Bradham attempted to create a drink which was appealing, as well as energy-boosting, and which would aid digestion.

Five years later, Brad’s Drink was trademarked and renamed Pepsi-Cola in 1898. Pepsi-Cola was named after the root of the word ‘dyspepsia’ (indigestion) and the kola nuts used in the recipe.

It was renamed Pepsi in 1961, Today, Pepsi is one of the world’s most iconic and globally recognised brands.

Also available on draught is R White’s lemonade (at eight Calories per 398ml glass serving), together with a selection of soft drinks cans and bottles, including J2O, Monster, Old Jamaica ginger beers,

R White’s raspberry lemonade, Remedy Kombucha, Sanpellegrino, Strathmore spring water and Ting.

See the menu for our full range of soft drinks options – and enjoy a refreshing summer at Wetherspoon.

Check out our brand-NEW cocktail pitcher Chorley Cherry – Strika Herbal Liqueur, Absolut Vanilia, Pepsi Max cherry, lime.