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Rum Shack

Our rum shack is stacked with choices for spirit animals, after the addition of two special concoctions

Two NEW drinks have been added to our rum shack selection: BrewDog Five Hundred Cuts Botanical Rum (40% ABV) and Captain Morgan Tiki (25% ABV).

These join Bacardi Carta Blanca and The Kraken Black Spiced Rum, as well as Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold and Captain Morgan White, in our collection of rums, all served with a mixer included.

Known for its bold and uncompromising craft beer, Scottish producer BrewDog is also a distiller.

It has revolutionised the beer industry, since launching in 2007, and is using the same refreshing ethos in its ever-expanding distilling operation.

We have added its NEW spirit, Five Hundred Cuts Botanical Rum, to our selection.


It is a handmade spiced rum, inspired by the life of the trail-blazing 18th-century botanical illustrator Elizabeth Blackwell – ‘a heroine of Aberdeenshire back in the 1730s’.

The new rum derives its name from the Aberdeen-born Blackwell’s book ‘A Curious Herbal’, a comprehensive document recording a ground-breaking 500 plant engravings (or ‘cuts’), some of which are included in the recipe and are displayed on the bottle’s label.

Blackwell was the first woman to publish a ‘herbal’ and the first to compile one with so many plants, so accurately drawn.

Five Hundred Cuts – like its beers – is a BrewDog innovation, a botanical rum with no artificial ingredients, which took six months and 35 recipes to complete.

Distilled from sugar cane molasses, using the world’s first triple-pot still, the liquid is fermented for seven days with red wine yeast and rum yeast.


The resulting spirit is then double-pot distilled to create a rum with rich tropical flavours, burnt sugar and hints of dark berries.

Inspired by gin distillation, some of the liquid is then steeped in 11 botanicals, including tonka beans, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, mace and allspice, with the remainder being pot distilled with orange peel, Szechuan peppercorns, cardamom and lavender, before being brought together with a little muscovado sugar.

Full of spice and zest, Five Hundred Cuts Botanical Rum pays tribute to Blackwell’s unbreakable spirit.

The addition of NEW Captain Morgan Tiki completes a trio of Captain Morgan rum choices available at Wetherspoon’s pubs.

Launched in 1982, Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum shipped a million cases during the following 10 years, making it one of the most popular rum brands in the world.


Captain Morgan has continued to grow in the years since, with a range of new variants, including the NEW Captain Morgan Tiki – a mix of Caribbean rum with pineapple and mango.

The secret of how the captain’s tipple is made is, of course, known by only the captain himself and a close bunch of his trusted lieutenants.

While the brand is all about fun, the liquid is as credible and high quality as any – carefully distilled white rums, from the Caribbean, for a crisp, clean and deliciously refreshing taste.


Captain Morgan Tiki is inspired by the South Pacific island adventures of the captain and his crew… and the deliciously tropical tastes they discovered.

It’s made from mixing the classic tiki combination of pineapple and juicy mango with the captain’s finest rum – for a delicious tiki experience.

Captain Morgan Tiki makes up a trio of rum choices from Captain Morgan, alongside Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold and Captain Morgan White, now being served at Wetherspoon.

But who is Captain Morgan?

This is Sir Henry Morgan – the 17th-century buccaneer and legendary party-starter who became a captain at the age of 27.

Morgan was later made Governor of Jamaica – at the time regarded as one of the world’s great party capitals.

Today, his spirit lives on through the world’s sixth-largest premium spirit brand, selling more than 400,000 bottles daily.

See drinks menu for mixers list.