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Telemark Mikrobryggeri

International brewer autumn real-ale festival 2022

The beer 
This ale came about when, in early in 2022, the Norwegian government sales organisation Vinmonopolet (Wine Monopoly) announced tenders for new beers. Telemark responded with an offer for a red IPA called Rav – which was accepted.

The Norwegian (original) version is at 6.5% ABV, with Australian hops. For the English market, the beer had to be modified, as British beer-drinkers prefer lower alcohol levels. The hop bill was also changed from Australian to British.

Rav is among this brewery’s most recent beers. Its complex malt composition makes it somewhat conservative, while generous amounts of progressive hops and low bitterness make this a very modern creation.

Telemark Rav

Telemark Bryggeri, Skien, Norway Est. 2018
5.0% ABV

Kjetil Jikiun has travelled to Shepherd Neame Brewery (Kent) to brew this red session IPA. Its inviting malt profile is balanced by a gentle hop bitterness, while tropical fruit and citrus notes dominate and continue into the long, smooth finish.

Hops: Ernest, Godiva, Jester, Olicana

The brewery
Established in 2018/19 as an independent Norwegian craft beer brewery, Telemark is a community-owned brewery, based on the values of unity, diversity and friendship – bringing people together to collaborate and
cultivate the culture of craft beer.

Its 3,000 shareholders have a shared passion for creating premium craft beer. The brewery, based in Telemark, Norway, offers a tight selection of quality craft beers, staying true to the original recipes. In addition to its core selection, it produces limited-edition seasonal and collaborative beers.

Meet the brewer
Kjetil Jikiun used to work as a Scandinavian Airlines captain. Through long-haul flying, he became familiar with craft beer. This led to some extensive home
brewing – but, since he was unable (through his job) to stay at home with his brewing, he founded Norway’s first modern craft brewery, Nøgne Ø, in 2002. What’s more, flying routes to Japan also put him in touch with sake.

In 2010, he was the first person to brew sake commercially in Europe. 

In 2015, he went to the Greek island of Crete, with the intention of making wine.

Instead, he ended up founding a brewery there – Σολο. Parallel to running his own brewery, he has helped many others as a start-up consultant and brewmaster – Sake Wien in Austria, Axiom Brewery in the Czech Republic and now, in 2022, brewmaster for Telemark Bryggeri.

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