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New Ned Waihopai Valley Sauvignon Blanc added to our wine cellar

A chilled glass of sauvignon blanc dry white wine is the perfect accompaniment to a summer lunch or salad.

And Wetherspoon has added another fabulous Marlborough, dry and zingy, New Zealand white wine to our wine cellar – for your enjoyment.

NEW The Ned Waihopai Valley Sauvignon Blanc (13% ABV) joins our well-loved Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc (13% ABV), two fantastic white wine choices from New Zealand. Both are available in a 750ml bottle.

The vineyards and winery, home to The Ned, are located in the Waihopai Valley of Marlborough, New Zealand – a location which provides a near-perfect environment for producing wines of startling character. It is named after one of the tallest rugged peaks to the southeast of the vineyard, with views across to the North Island and the Pacific Ocean.


Owned and operated by Brent and Rosemary Marris, The Ned comes from a progressive, family-owned wine company and was awarded a gold medal in 2017, at the world renowned International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) – a truly world-class wine.

Marris’s father planted his first sauvignon blanc vines in Marlborough, in 1973. The eldest son among six children, he wanted to follow his dad, so became a wine-maker. Marris created the successful Oyster Bay and set up Wither Hills, before moving on to found Marisco Vineyards, which makes The Ned.


Described as ‘breezy, crisp and fresh’, The Ned Sauvignon Blanc has a vibrant, electric style, with characteristic lime and  gooseberry flavours.

For the third year in a row, in 2017, Villa Maria, an acclaimed family-owned producer, was named one of the most admired wine brands in the world.


From the early ambitions and inquisitive nature of owner Sir George Fistonich, when he began in 1961, to the way in which the team fervently makes its premium New Zealand wine today, the pursuit of creating something special has always been the aim.

Marlborough’s long sunny days and cool climate lead to a long ripening season and a unique combination of very ripe fruit, alongside fresh acidity, to produce the immensely popular and characteristic sauvignon blanc wine, much loved here in the UK.