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Drive-thru burger

We’ve teamed American inspiration with British beef for this enticing gourmet offering

Wetherspoon has added a new burger to our gourmet burger range, inspired by the good-old US of A!

Made with 100 per cent British beef burgers, our NEW drive-thru burger is served in a brioche bun and combines baconnaise, maple bacon slices, beef patty, American cheese slices and gherkin slices. It is also available as a grilled chicken or fried buttermilk chicken option.


The NEW drive-thru burger is wrapped in tin foil, enabling the heat of the burger to build and slightly steam the bun, making it really moist and wonderfully indulgent. With a slight smokiness from the baconnaise and gooey American cheese, together with the sharpness from the juicy gherkin slices, it is a gorgeous mix of all-American flavours which complement one another perfectly.

What is baconnaise?

Inspired by classic American burger toppings, we have created a sauce combining two of the most popular, to deliver a great-tasting sauce. Using 100 per cent real bacon pieces, which have been smoked with a hint of flavoursome spices and mixed with mayonnaise, we have created a classic burger sauce with a premium twist. Our baconnaise sauce can be included as an add-on to any burger of your choice, along with a host of toppings, sauces and sides, including coleslaw, avocado, crispy onion, grilled halloumi, five-bean chilli and even a fried egg.


Our brand-new drive-thru burger lines up with some classic American cousins, on our gourmet burger menu, with some available in a choice of beef, grilled chicken or fried buttermilk chicken versions. See menu for available options.

You may also be tempted to try our BBQ burger (maplecured bacon, cheese, BBQ sauce), Tennessee burger (maple-cured bacon, honey glaze, made with Jack Daniel’s® Tennessee Honey) or Empire State burger (two 6oz beef patties, American cheese slices, maple-cured bacon).


All of our gourmet burger choices are served with chips and six onion rings and are part of a meal deal, which includes a soft or alcoholic drink from our meal-deal drinks range. Enjoy the great taste of America… at your local Wetherspoon.