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Burgers and dogs

Who needs hotter climes? Warm up, instead, with our two new burgers and two new hot dogs

Our burger collection and hot dog pack both just got bigger and better, with a fantastic four new additions to our gourmet range.

A duo of new gourmet burgers, alongside a delicious double of new ‘dogs’, has extended your choice of great-tasting meals even further.

As well as the brand-new options, we have introduced new, improved bacon (in our burger choices), with fabulous maple-cured streaky bacon. This new premium bacon cut complements our burgers perfectly. So, what’s cooking?


Our NEW Empire State burger is a double beef burger with gooey American cheese slices and maple bacon. A Wetherspoon twist to the ever-popular double cheese & bacon burger, this is made with our 100 per cent British burger (Scottish in Scotland and Irish in Ireland).

Empire State Burger

This is topped with our new maple-cured streaky bacon, a great new addition in our burgers, especially with this all-American-style gooey cheese choice.

Our homemade mustard mayonnaise in the NEW New York deli burger complements the traditionally pressed pastrami perfectly. Our premium beef pastrami is made using an authentic curing method, liberally coated with finely cracked black pepper, and includes our popular gherkin slices.

Our hot dogs have also had a complete makeover!

We are now serving a new, improved-recipe sausage in all of our gourmet hot dog choices. It’s a better texture and enhanced flavour, all in a new-look glazed brioche hot dog roll.

There are also two brand-new gourmet hot dogs in the range.

Our NEW State dog is made up of our improved sausage and brioche bun, topped with a Monterey Jack cheese & pepper sauce, maple-cured streaky bacon, gherkin and crispy onion.

This is a cheesy American classic topping, delivering a great smoky flavour from the bacon, along with a sharpness from the gherkin and the crispy texture from the onion – the complete package.


If you are looking for something a little more exotic, how about our NEW Bombay dog?

Our new, improved sausage and brioche bun are topped with curry sauce, tomato, onion and fresh coriander, as well as crispy onion.

This Indian-inspired hot dog topping is spicy, yet fresh, with a well-balanced curry sauce, tomato, onion and fresh coriander, finished with crispy onion – for a great crunchy texture.

All of our gourmet burgers and hot dogs are served with chips and six onion rings, as well as a choice of drink from our meal-deal range, all included in the price.