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Our children’s menu

Changes to our children’s menu make our offerings even healthier.

Wetherspoon is offering FIVE new and improved changes to our children’s menu, to help your youngsters to enjoy their FIVE-a-day.

All of our drinks, served for children, are now within the recommended guidelines (Public Health England) of 150ml of fruit juice per serving, helping to promote and improve the health and diet of youngsters.

Our ever-popular spaghetti Bolognese dish has a NEW improved recipe, providing an even more tasty and balanced meal option. It now offers two of your child’s recommended five portions of fruit or vegetables per day.


A brand-new meal, our NEW tomato & mascarpone pasta also includes two of your youngster’s recommended five-a-day.

The great new dish boasts a 10-vegetable tomato sauce (yes, 10!), with mascarpone cheese. The vegetables include tomato, butternut squash, onion, courgette, carrot, red pepper, spring onion, leek, fennel and aubergine.

Wetherspoon has also teamed up with award-winning organic juice and fruity treats company Pip Organic to help to develop a brand-new smoothie.


The NEW Pip Organic Fruit Smoothie with Cheeky Veg – a yummy strawberry, banana & purple carrot smoothie – is now available. Its blend of premium organic fruit and veg, wholesome and never compromising on quality, provides only the best for your youngsters.

Our collaboration with the team at Pip Organic has produced a fantastic full fruit-flavoured smoothie, delivering the recommended 150ml of fruit juice, blended with the goodness of vegetables – which both kids (because it is tasty) and parents (because it is healthy) will love.

It joins the already-popular choice and multi-award-winning Pip Organic Blackcurrant, Raspberry & Apple Fruity Water, another one of your recommended five-a-day in our children’s drink range.


But it’s not all about the veg – we are offering kids a NEW indulgent option too, for that occasional treat.

Our NEW children’s ice cream pot – served in a ‘monster’ tub – combines vanilla ice cream, raspberry sauce and mini chocolate chips – a perfect dessert for a tasty and well-balanced meal.

Wetherspoon’s food-development manager, Oliver Addis, said: “We are serving more and more children’s meals each year and are committed to offering healthy and tasty meals, enjoyed by children and welcomed by adults too.”