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Our small-meals range

Looking for a lighter meal option or a smaller menu portion? Look no further than our NEW smaller-meals range.

If you have a smaller appetite, just cannot face a huge meal or want a lighter early supper, then our smaller meals selection may be the answer. Our smaller meals offer all the same great ingredients, just not in the large quantities of our regular meals. So, they can be the ideal dining solution for many of our customers.


Among the choices are smaller fish and chips and smaller scampi, both offering the same meal as the larger pub classic version – only a smaller catch! Our freshly battered fish and chips, sourced from sustainable fisheries, is a smaller fillet (cod or haddock), served with a reduced-size portion of 100 per cent British chips and your choice of peas or mushy peas.


You can still add bread and butter, for that ‘chip butty’ moment, or chip shop-style curry sauce for a retro treat. Our Whitby breaded scampi is also served with 100 per cent British chips and your choice of peas or mushy peas, just all as a reduced-size portion. 


The Wetherspoon wholetail breaded scampi is sourced from the largest scampi manufacturer in the UK – Whitby Seafoods. Based in the traditional British fishing port of Whitby, North Yorkshire, the company began in 1985. Whitby Seafoods knows that it has a responsibility to the environment. It catches its British scampi in the waters off the coast of the British Isles, using mainly UK boats, working with several agencies to ensure sustainability. When you tuck in to your freshly battered fish or scampi, at your local Wetherspoon, either our regular or smaller meals option, you can be confident that every care has been taken to ensure that they have been sourced responsibly. Big fish or little fish – the choice is yours.