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New pub now open at the O2

• New openings

The Stargazer at the O2 in London is now open.
Wetherspoon has spent £2.9 million developing the outlet at The O2 music, leisure and entertainment venue, Peninsula Square, in Greenwich.
The new pub, which will be called The Stargazer, is located within The O2’s Entertainment District, adjacent to Mamma Mia! The Party. The pub will be managed by Arber Hasani, previously pub manager at The Great Harry (Woolwich).
The Stargazer features a 3,800 square foot beer garden, offering views across the Thames and Canary Wharf.
The Stargazer pub name, as well as pub design, drew inspiration from its location, and the important role that Greenwich plays in the history of astronomy and navigation.
Renowned astronomer Sir Edmund Halley, appointed Astronomer Royal at Greenwich Observatory, established his reputation studying stars.  His star catalogue, published in 1678, was the world’s first such work and determined hundreds of southern stars’ locations.
The new pub will be open from 10am until 12.15am Monday to Sunday. Food will be served throughout the day, from opening until 11pm every day.
The Stargazer will specialise in real ales and traditional ciders, as well as craft and world beers, serving a wide range of different draught ales, as well as bottled beers, including those from local and regional brewers.
It will be open for family dining, with children, accompanied by an adult, welcome in the pub up until 9pm, throughout the week.
The pub will be wheelchair accessible and have a specially adapted toilet for people with disabilities. 
Stars are reflected in the signage, as you enter the pub, and references throughout the interior, in the form of bespoke sculptures and lighting features.  The use of copper material represents the rays from the solar system.
Sculptures and artwork are also displayed behind the bar, symbolising astronomy instruments, views and stargazers, as well as the Stargazer’s other meanings – a lily and a venomous fish.
The bespoke carpet, fitted throughout the pub, also draws inspiration from orbiting stars and planets and the equipment used by astrologers and astronomers.
Historical photos and details of local history, as well as artwork and images of local scenes and characters of the area, are also displayed in the pub.
Pub manager Arber Hasani said: “Myself and my team are looking forward to welcoming customers into The Stargazer and we are confident that the pub will be a great addition to The O2 Entertainment District.”
Janine Constantin-Russell, Managing Director at the Entertainment District and Icon Outlet at The O2, also commented: “The Stargazer is a fantastic addition to our F&B line-up here at The O2, and Wetherspoon’s extensive investment in this space emphasises the importance of our location and the opportunities that we can provide for brands, whether that be independents or household names. Following the recent arrival of iFLY indoor skydiving, the Entertainment District is really thriving, and there is no doubt that Wetherspoon will add to its continued success.”
The O2 is located just 15 minutes from central London, and is easily accessible by road, tube and boat. It is the world’s most popular music, entertainment and leisure venue. Spanning more than 800,000 sq ft, the O2 has been visited by over 100 million people since opening in 2007 and plays host to more than 300 events a year.