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The Clairville

The name of this pub recalls Clairville Cottage, which stood on this site.

48 Wallasey Road, Wallasey, Merseyside, CH45 4NW

This former supermarket was built in the 1960s, on land originally occupied by two dwellings, one of which was Clairville Cottage. In 1920, the occupant of Clairville Cottage was the ‘gentleman’ WR Caddock. Clairville appears on the tithe map of 1841, showing that the land behind and facing the building was owned by Thomas Dean. Alongside Dean’s land was a much larger holding, occupied by Littledale’s Model Farm. Harold Littledale was a wealthy merchant who lived in Liscard Hall. The hall had been previously occupied by his father-in-law, Sir John Tobin, one-time Lord Mayor of Liverpool.

Text about The Clairville.

The text reads: The name of this J D Wetherspoon pub recalls Clairville Cottage, which stood on this site. Recorded on the Tithe Map of 1841, the cottage was replaced in the 1920s by Central Market Buildings. The Central Market was itself replaced in the mid-1960s by a purpose-built supermarket.

Prints of historic local cinemas, including The Capitol and Liscard Palace.

Prints of historic local landmarks, including St Alban’s Roman Catholic Church and the Monkey House.

Artwork entitled Red Energy, by Claire Stringer.

External photograph of the building – main entrance.

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