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The Welkin

The astronomy artwork in the pub is inspired by its name origin.

7 Whitechapel, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 6DS

This pub takes its name from the Old English word for sky and commemorates Jeremiah Horrocks, one of Liverpool’s greatest sons and the Father of English Astronomy.

Framed drawings and text about The Welkin.

The text reads: The name of this J.D. Wetherspoon freehouse derives from the Old English word for sky, and commemorates Jeremiah Horrocks, one of Liverpool’s greatest sons and the ‘Father of English Astronomy’.

Horrocks was probably born in Toxteth, in 1619. He later taught himself astronomy, and spent many hours studying the position of the Moon and the planets against the stars.

His famous observation of the transit of Venus against the face of the Sun was made in the village of Much Hoole, fifteen miles north of Liverpool. Horrocks died a little over a year later, on 3rd January 1641, aged just twenty-two.

Above: left, Lower Lodge, Otterspool, the probable birthplace of Jeremiah Horrocks
Right: A Victorian painting depicting the famous astronomer observing the transit of Venus
Left: Liverpool in 1680. When Horrocks was born the town had less than one thousand inhabitants and was famous as a seaside resort.

A framed drawing of Toxteth Park, Liverpool, in 1840.

A framed photograph of the top of the town hall’s dome – statue of Minerva.

A framed drawing of The Tower of Liverpool.

Framed drawings of Liverpool Castle, The Old Custom House and Castle, Corn Exchange, Brunswick Street, and Liverpool and Manchester Railway.

A framed drawing of St Nicholas’s Church.

A framed photograph of a view of the crypt in the Metropolitan Cathedral.

A sculpture entitled Liverpool Drive, created by George and Elsie McGill, in July 2007.

Canvas art inspired by The Welkin’s name origin.

External photograph of the building – main entrance.

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