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International Craft Brewers’ Showcase

Gage Roads Brewing Co, Australia

The beer:

Sleeping Giant IPA; 5.0% ABV

Tasting notes:

Cameron Parker has travelled to Banks’s Brewery, in Wolverhampton, to brew this amber-coloured beer for us. This is his interpretation of a classic IPA, rich in caramel malt and fruit flavours and balanced by a long, bitter finish.

The brewery:

Gage Roads is the strip of ocean which separates Rottnest Island from Fremantle, in Western Australia. The brewery guys saw a lot of themselves in that little spot: that’s why they named the brewery after it.

They set up shop in an old margarine factory, just outside ‘Freo’, over 14 years ago, and currently brew a range of ales and lagers, all of which are inspired by being on Western Australia’s coast.

The brewer:

Cameron Parker is the brewing team leader at Gage Roads. He was previously an exploration diamond driller in the gold fields of Australia, but decided to throw it all in, to chase his dream of becoming a commercial brewer.

He started out volunteering in Goddard’s brewery in the south of the UK, crafting cask ales, before he got a job on the packaging line at Gage Roads Brewing Co.

Cameron created a new core-range beer, a New World pale ale ­– Little Dove – and it was awarded the trophy for Champion Australian Beer at the 2016 Australian International Beer Awards.